Crēdo™ Go

Crēdo™ Go Single Box

Crēdo™ Go, passive, reusable shippers fits to your payload and performance requirements while reducing your shipping costs and carbon footprint.

Crēdo™ Go inherits the DNA of Crēdo Cube™ – superior thermal protection and high quality material construction. It has evolved to be thermally and dimensionally flexible, catering for variable lane challenges, temperature control requirements and payload shapes.

Crēdo™ Go shippers is offered in 2-83L volumes and temperature ranges including control room temperature, refrigerated and frozen.

All Crēdo™ Go shippers are tested to ISTA7D profiles.

Crēdo™ Go Series 4
2-83 L
24-120 h
Crēdo™ Go Series 22
2-83 L
24-120 h
Crēdo™ Go Series 20M
Sub -18°C
2-83 L
24-120 h

Crēdo™ Go

Reusable Parcel
PCM Coolant
Custom Payload
Custom Performance

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